3mm Corten Steel Planters


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  • Material: Pre-Weathered Corten Steel Platers
  • Finish: Pre-Weathered
  • Thickness: 3mm

Introducing Metal Profiles Pre-Weathered Corten Steel Planters.

The corton steel planter will be a stunning addition to any outdoor terrace or garden specification. Expertly crafted from 3mm pre-weathered steel, the planters are built with a welded construction with smooth corners. It can come fully assembled and ready to display in your outdoor space or in component form with an installation guide for ease of install.

All of our corton steel planters are fabricated by Metal Profiles in-house team in Essex. From Design, Fabrication to Delivery.

Corton Steel Planters are very heavy, with 24kg/m to its name, alot of clients tend to opt for the components to come in sections as they are alot easier to handle.

All our planters are specially prepared prior to receiving its powder coating treatment, to ensure that the product is powder coated to last atleast 20 years, thus enabling a very strong corrosion resistant finish.


Benefits & Features

Metal Profiles Ltd. makes 3mm Corten steel planters.

In the middle of Essex, at Metal Profiles Ltd., we’re happy to show off our top-of-the-line collection of 3mm Corten Steel Planters, which are known for being very durable and looking great.

These planters were made for picky homeowners, landscape architects, and urban developers all over the UK. They combine perfect style with usefulness to make your indoor and outdoor spaces come to life.

The best quality and durability available

Our pots are made from high-quality 3mm thick Corten steel, which makes them very strong and long-lasting. Because of this ideal width, each planter will be able to withstand all kinds of weather, from harsh sun to frost, without rusting.

These planters are strong enough to stay in your yard or on your patio for a long time. Over time, they will develop a beautiful patina that protects them naturally.

Beautiful design and many uses

Our 3mm Corten Steel Planters are beautiful because they can be used in many ways. Their look is both old-fashioned and up-to-date, so it goes with any style of design, from modern city balconies to traditional country fields.

These pots are not only a place for your plants to live, but they are also a beautiful piece of outdoor art that will make your space feel better overall.

Making changes to fit your space

Metal Profiles Ltd. knows that every place is different, so our 3mm Corten Steel Planters can be made to fit your needs.

These planters come in many sizes and shapes and are custom made to fit your design needs. This way, your idea for your space will come to life in the best way possible.

Choose an eco-friendly option

Sustainability is a big part of how we create things. The fact that the Corten Steel we use in our planters can be recycled in its entirety shows that we care about the earth.

If you choose our 3mm Corten Steel Planters, you will not only make your room look better, but you will also help the environment.


We ask you to pick Metal Profiles Ltd.

Metal Profiles Ltd. is the best place to get high-quality Corten Steel Planters. We are based in Essex and serve the whole of the UK. The fact that we care about quality, customer service, and new ideas has made us a market winner.

When you purchase one of our 3mm Corten Steel Planters, you’re getting a product that looks great and lasts a long time.

Corten steel can make your yard look better.

3mm Corten Steel Planters will change the look of your garden, patio, or business place with their classic look. Find out how these planters can improve your landscape design, no matter where you are in the UK (Essex included). They are the perfect mix of beauty, usefulness, and durability.

Metal Profiles Ltd.’s 3mm Corten Steel Planters are the most beautiful and durable things you can use to improve your indoor and outdoor areas.

Check out our collection right now to find the perfect item that fits your style and meets your wants.

Code Height Base
MPL-MSP-3CS-45-50-50 450mm 500mm x 500mm
MPL-MSP-3CS-45-100-50 450mm 1000mm x 500mm
MPL-MSP-3CS-50-50-50 500mm 500mm x 500mm
MPL-MSP-3CS-50-100-50 500mm 1000mm x 500mm
MPL-MSP-3CS-60-50-50 600mm 500mm x 500mm
MPL-MSP-3CS-60-100-50 600mm 1000mm x 500mm
MPL-MSP-3CS-75-50-50 750mm 500mm x 500mm
MPL-MSP-3CS-75-100-50 750mm 1000mm x 500mm

Is it possible to alter the design and dimensions of my 3mm Corten Steel Planter?

We do, in fact, provide customizable alternatives for our 3mm Corten Steel Planters. Metal Profiles Ltd. recognizes the significance of congruing your planter with your particular aesthetic preferences and spatial constraints. We will work closely with you to design a planter that meets your requirements once you provide us with your specifications.

How should a 3mm Corten Steel Planter be maintained?

Our 3mm Corten Steel Planters require minimal upkeep. A protective layer is formed over time in the form of a natural rust patina; this obviates the necessity for periodic painting or sealing. Occasional cleansing with water and a gentle brush is advised to eliminate surface grime and detritus.

Will the corrosion resulting from the use of Corten Steel stain my veranda or patio?

Corten Steel is engineered to develop a protective, stable rust layer that impedes the corrosion process considerably. Runoff may, nevertheless, occur during the early phases of weathering. To ensure surface protection throughout this stage, contemplate situating the planter on concrete pavers or gravel.

How long will it take for my 3mm Corten Steel Planter to acquire a patina?

Environmental conditions can influence the rate of patina development, but in general, a discernible transformation takes place within a span of several weeks to months. As time passes, the planter will develop a more consistent and enduring rust coating, thereby augmenting its visual attractiveness.

Do 3mm Corten Steel Planters protect the environment?

Indeed, our Corten Steel Planters are a sustainable option. Our planters’ durability and the fact that corten steel is completely recyclable eliminate the necessity for frequent replacements. By selecting our planters, you are endorsing an environmentally friendly product that enhances your green area.

How can a 3mm Corten Steel Planter be ordered in Essex or any other region of the United Kingdom?

Placement is simple. You may initiate communication with us via our website or by contacting us via telephone. We offer nationwide delivery, including to Essex.

Please provide us with your specifications and we will assist you in every step of the way to ensure that you obtain the ideal planter for your area.