Aluminium Green Roof Edge Retention Trim – 2.4m Length


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  • Material: 1050A Aluminium
  • Finish: Mill Finish
  • Thickness: 1.5mm or 2mm

The Metal Profiles Aluminium Green Roof Edge Retention Trim is a Lightweight trim used within green & living roof applications. Available in a variety of face heights.

The Edge Retention Trim comes with 30 cut slots per M allowing the free draining of water, whilst retaining pebbles or substrate within green roof systems. For additional strength, 6 holes are cut in the base to enable firm bonding / strapping when required.

The aluminium finish of the roof edging is both durable, rust resistant and lightweight making installation easy. The matching connectors also feature the same laser cut slots for both drainage and aesthetics. The connectors can be used for straight joints or bent easily to form internal or external angles.

Each 2.4m Length comes with a joiner which is used to connect two lengths of Living Roof Edge Retention Trim together.

All Metal Profiles aluminium products can be polyester powder coated in a wide variety of RAL/BS colours to meet your project’s needs. Alongside the multiple standard coping sizes we provide, we also offer bespoke coping solutions for any obscure details that are required, if you require any bespoke solutions or require any other information, please get in contact for a 1-on-1 with our estimating team.

Benefits & Features

  • Edge Retention Trims are manufactured in 1.5mm / 2mm aluminium.
  • Polyester powder coated if required with external grade paint for long lasting durability.
  • Wide variety of RAL/BS colours available.
  • Fire class rating A2-s1,d0
  • Suitable for Industrial, Domestic & Commercial applications.
  • Designed & Fabricated in the UK.
  • Aluminium is 100% recyclable.
  • Bespoke solutions available.

Installation Notes

  • Typically used within living roof applications for substrate or pebble retention whilst allowing water to free flow.
  • A simple connection between lengths with a pre-slotted aluminium connector.
  • Suitable for new builds or existing properties.
Code Length Depth Base
MPL-GRT-15-50 2400mm 50mm 100mm
MPL-GRT-15-75 2400mm 75mm 100mm
MPL-GRT-15-100 2400mm 100mm 100mm
MPL-GRT-15-120 2400mm 120mm 100mm
MPL-GRT-15-150 2400mm 150mm 150mm
MPL-GRT-15-200 2400mm 200mm 150mm
MPL-GRT-15-250 2400mm 250mm 150mm
MPL-GRT-15-300 2400mm 300mm 150mm
MPL-GRT-20-50 2400mm 50mm 100mm
MPL-GRT-20-75 2400mm 75mm 100mm
MPL-GRT-20-100 2400mm 100mm 100mm
MPL-GRT-20-120 2400mm 120mm 100mm
MPL-GRT-20-150 2400mm 150mm 150mm
MPL-GRT-20-200 2400mm 200mm 150mm
MPL-GRT-20-250 2400mm 250mm 150mm
MPL-GRT-20-300 2400mm 300mm 150mm