Aluminium Coping System Installation at Mellish Street, London

Project Overview

This case study showcases a successful residential project located at 111-113 Mellish Street, London. The project was undertaken by Claritas Group, with Metal Profiles Limited serving as the installer. The primary goal was to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the building’s exterior using a robust and visually appealing aluminium coping system.

Project Details

System Installation:
The installation featured a 2mm Aluminium Sloped Coping System coupled with a 3mm Aluminium Flat Panel System. This combination was chosen for its durability, ease of installation, and modern appearance, which perfectly complemented the architectural style of the residential building.

To ensure longevity and maintain a sleek, contemporary look, the aluminium components were finished with a polyester powder coating in RAL 6011 Reseda Green. This specific shade was selected to blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment, adding a touch of elegance to the structure.

Fire Safety:
Given the importance of safety in residential buildings, the installed system boasts an impressive fire rating of A2-s1,d0. This rating indicates that the materials used are non-combustible and have limited contribution to fire, ensuring the safety and security of the residents.

Challenges and Solutions

One of the primary challenges faced during this project was the need to install the aluminium coping system efficiently while minimizing disruption to the residents. Metal Profiles Limited addressed this challenge by utilizing advanced installation techniques and coordinating closely with Claritas Group to ensure timely completion.


The project was completed successfully, resulting in a significant enhancement of the building’s exterior aesthetics and functionality. The newly installed aluminium coping and panel system not only provided a modern and stylish look but also ensured long-term durability and safety for the residents.


This residential project at 111-113 Mellish Street stands as a testament to the expertise and professionalism of Metal Profiles Limited and Claritas Group. The combination of high-quality materials, meticulous planning, and efficient execution resulted in a project that met and exceeded client expectations. The use of a 2mm Aluminium Sloped Coping System with a 3mm Aluminium Flat Panel System, finished in RAL 6011 Reseda Green, has significantly uplifted the visual appeal and safety standards of the building.

If you have a similar project and are looking for reliable and experienced installers, consider Metal Profiles Limited for a flawless and professional installation.


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