Bespoke Aluminium Box Gutter Installation in Educational Facility

Location: 7 Bishopswood Road, London N6 4PH.

Contractor: Hollywell Building Services Limited.

Installer: Metal Profiles Limited.

Project Type: Educational System: Bespoke Aluminium Box Gutter with 102x102mm Aluminium Square Downpipe System Finish: Polyester Powder Coated in RAL 7043 Traffic Grey B

Fire Rating: A2-S1,D0.

Project Overview

A famous educational establishment on 7 Bishopswood Rd in central London requires a modern and efficient guttering solution to improve its infrastructure. Hollywell Building Services Limited, a prominent contractor known for providing high-quality building services, oversaw the project. They collaborated with Metal Profiles Limited, a prominent installer that specialises in bespoke metal fabrications, to complete this important improvement.

Project Details

The project required the construction of a unique Aluminium Box Gutter system and 102x102mm Aluminium Square Downpipes. This system was chosen for its durability, visual appeal, and ability to manage high water flow, guaranteeing that the building’s façade is protected from water damage.

The Aluminium Box Gutter system and downpipes received a high-quality polyester powder coating in RAL 7043 Traffic Grey B. This finish not only has a sleek and modern appearance, but it is also highly resistant to weathering and UV radiation, assuring long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance.

The installed gutter system has an A2-s1,d0 fire rating, meeting the highest safety standards. This rating indicates that the materials used are non-combustible, producing very little smoke and no burning droplets, making it an excellent choice for educational buildings where safety is a priority.

Installation Process

Metal Profiles Limited planned and conducted the installation process with painstaking care. Their expertise in bespoke aluminium fabrications guaranteed that every component of the gutter system was perfectly constructed to fit the building’s specifications.

Design and Fabrication: The design was customised to meet the architectural elements of the educational building. Metal Profiles Limited used modern manufacturing processes to design the gutter and downpipe system, ensuring a seamless integration with the existing structure.

On-Site Installation: The installation team assessed the site to determine the best placement for the gutter and downpipes. The installation was completed with little disturbance to the facility’s everyday operations, maintaining safety and efficiency throughout the process.

Quality Assurance: The system underwent thorough testing to ensure its integrity and performance. This included testing the water flow capacity and evaluating the finish to ensure it fit the specifications.

Results and Benefits.

The successful installation of the unique Aluminium Box Gutter system considerably improved the building’s ability to manage rainwater efficiently. The system’s high-quality finish and durable design ensure that it will provide long-lasting protection while also maintaining its visual appeal for many years.

Key Benefits:

Enhanced Water Management: The custom design guarantees optimal water flow, avoiding overflow and potential water damage.

Aesthetic Appeal: The RAL 7043 Traffic Grey B finish enhances the building’s exterior, giving it a modern and professional appearance.

Durability: The polyester powder coating is highly resistant to environmental elements, ensuring lifetime and little maintenance.

Safety: The A2-s1,d0 fire rating provides peace of mind by assuring that the system fulfils high safety standards.


This case study illustrates Hollywell Building Services Limited’s successful partnership with Metal Profiles Limited to develop a high-quality, unique Aluminium Box Gutter system for a London educational facility. The project demonstrates the value of personalised solutions for improving building infrastructure while assuring long-term performance and safety.


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