Innovative Copper Batten Seam System Installation on Great Russell Street, London 

View our comprehensive case study of the London project at Great Russell Street, where Curo Construction and Metal Profiles Ltd. collaborated to install a cutting-edge 0.7mm KME Copper Batten Seam System. This installation not only improves the architectural beauty but also guarantees excellent fire safety with an A2-s1,d0 grade.

Entire Case Study information:

The Great Russell Street project is a ground-breaking endeavour in the fields of architecture and construction, situated in the energetic heart of London. Under the direction of Curo Construction and realised by Metal Profiles Ltd., this project combines contemporary utility with traditional design by installing a state-of-the-art copper batten seam system.

Contractor Overview:

The project was developed in its entirety by Curo Construction, a pioneer in creative building solutions. Their experience directing complex building projects ensured that the project was completed correctly while adhering to the tightest safety and quality standards.

Installer Insights:

The project was realised physically in large part because of Metal Profiles Ltd, a company well-known for their accuracy in metalwork. Specialising in the installation of metal systems, their painstaking labour was essential to the exact installation of the copper batten seam system, resulting in both stunning and useful perfection.

Systems Information:

0.7 mm thick KME Copper was used; the system type is batten seam system.

Finish: Classic; its ageless grace enhances the visual appeal.

A2-s1,d0, the fire safety rating, guarantees little smoke emission and no droplet development in the event of a fire, in compliance with strict safety rules.

Project Importance

The Great Russell Street project is a shining example of how historic materials may be creatively used to satisfy modern demands. The copper batten seam system is an ideal choice for urban development since it not only provides a stunning surface but also increases durability and fire safety.

The Great Russell Street project, now complete, represents a watershed in the development of construction technology that combines aesthetics with safety. This is a great example of how skilled installers and informed contractors can work together to make truly amazing building works. This case study can be used as a model for future projects that want to design buildings that are both safe and beautiful.


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