Modern Facade Upgrade with Advanced Safety Features: Transforming Cloud Student Homes

Modern safety features and style were expertly integrated in a stunning makeover at Cloud Student Homes in Canterbury. In residential buildings, this project, carried out by Metal Profiles Ltd. in association with Alexander James Contracts, is a shining example of innovation.

Project High Points:

Location: Cloud Student Houses, Canterbury, CT1 1YN, Parham Road

Contractor: Alexander James Contracts

Installers: Metal Profiles Ltd.

System: 3mm Aluminium Flat Face-Fixed Panel, 140mm Bracket & Rail System, 80mm Rockwool Duo Slab Insulation, Tyvek Firecurb Breather Membrane

Finish: RAL 160 80 20 Feather Green Polyester Powder Coated 

Fire Rating: A2-s1,d0 

Remarkably Durable Modern Design

The project included a modern-looking, strong-performing 3mm Aluminium Flat Face-Fixed Panel system. Completed with a 140mm Bracket & Rail System, the facade provides long-term stability and durability in addition to being visually arresting.

Modern Design with Exceptional Durability

Installed was an 80mm Rockwool Duo Slab to provide the best possible thermal and acoustic insulation. This high-performance insulation improved the building’s energy efficiency and safety by covering a large 165 m² area along with the Tyvek Firecurb Breather Membrane.

Superior Insulation and Safety

An excellent polyester powder coating in a vivid Feather Green (RAL 160 80 20) gave the panels a modern touch to the outside of the building. Because this coating is weather-resistant, the facade will seem beautiful and new for many years to come.

Uncompromised Fire Safety

At A2-s1,d0 fire rating, the cladding system in this project meets the strictest fire resistance standards. The panels are non-combustible, emit minimal smoke, and do not spread fire, hence this accreditation ensures the highest degree of safety for the occupants.

As the makeover of Cloud Student Homes shows, you can mix modern design with the newest safety features to make a beautiful and safe place to live. Thanks to the work of Metal Profiles Ltd. and Alexander James Contracts, the remodeling made the building much safer and better looking.

Read the whole case study to learn more about this change and how new building methods can completely change home life.


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